Entela Kore, Arben Gaba
2019 Zenodo  
The Cham Albanian dialect displays special features in its pronoun system. In this paper, we focus on some of the features of the pronoun system in this dialect. Of particular interest are the earliest forms of some pronouns, which are kept unchanged in this dialect. Starting with the personal, demonstrative, possessive, and indefinite pronouns this dialect is distinguished for the preservation of the earliest forms of these pronouns. In this dialect, the personal pronoun unë always shows the
more » ... always shows the oldest form u. In this respect, this dialect has preserved more than any other dialect in Albania this conservative feature inherited from the languages belonging to the Indo-Europian family. Of interest in this dialect is also the reflexive pronoun vehte-vehtja, which in this dialect still has the oldest form vetëhe. In this dialect demonstrative pronouns take on a special importance. Among the most typical forms used in this dialect we mention: ki, këtire, atire; i tilë, të tila; asish and kësish. Personal pronouns also appear varied. Among their characteristic forms we mention: vendi inë, i ture, i tire; tënë, tënt, tuaja, të mitë, të ature etc. As interrogative pronouns we mention: çish, çili, çilë, çila, ç', kush, sa and se. The characteristic pronoun for this dialect remains çish, which is also found in the form qish and qysh in other dialects in Albania. Among the pronouns used in this dialect, we would like to mention also the indefinite pronouns nonjë, gjithë, tjatër, shdo/zhdo, ca and dish.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3361542 fatcat:xek4elo355hl7ahj6f5y47on5m