Effect of the particle shape on the particle dynamics in a spheronization process

Dominik Weis, Maria Niesing, Markus Thommes, Sergiy Antonyuk, F. Radjai, S. Nezamabadi, S. Luding, J.Y. Delenne
2017 EPJ Web of Conferences  
Spherical granules with a narrow size distribution are widely used in many pharmaceutical applications. Extrusion-spheronization is a well-established process to produce such pharmaceutical pellets. The cylindrical extrudates from the extrusion step are rounded in the spheronizer. The formation mechanisms inside of a spheronizer depend strongly on the particle dynamics. To describe the complex particle flow and interactions, the Discrete Element Method can be used. In our previous works the
more » ... vious works the spherical particles during the last part of the spheronization process were studied. Since the pellets have a cylindrical shape at the beginning and undergo different stages of deformation during the rounding process, the objective of this study was the description of the influence of the particle shape on the particle dynamics. To predict the interactions of the pellets, their dominant plastic behaviour was described with an appropriate contact model and the material parameters were calibrated with compression and impact tests.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201714015005 fatcat:i3vurr7qebbszoupr63gt6xtvi