A Pelvic Free-Floating "Intraperitoneal Mice" Mimicking Seminal Vesicle Malignancy: A Case Report

Abdelghani Ammani, Abdelmonaim Qarro, Jamal Laaroussi, Mohammed Lezrek, Mohammed Alami
2016 Open Journal of Urology  
Peritoneal loose bodies or "peritoneal mice" are rare well circumscribed benign masses composed of free-floating organized fat necrosis. They are usually asymptomatic and found as "incidentalomas" during Imaging. Their pathogenesis is not well known. We report a rare case of giant intraperitoneal mice which was clinically misdiagnosed as left seminal vesicle malignancy. A review of the literature is also presented.
doi:10.4236/oju.2016.610026 fatcat:lurebaussnbelpcabvzty6mgr4