Changing approach to teaching electromagnetism in a conceptually oriented introductory physics course

Igal Galili, Dov Kaplan
1997 American Journal of Physics  
An approach emphasizing the complementarity of electric and magnetic fields within a weak relativistic approximation is suggested as a basis for presenting electromagnetism in an introductory university physics course. Within the electromagnetic unification approach, "magnetic force" and "electromagnetic induction" are each taught in a manner consistent with mechanics from a qualitative relativistic point of view. The Lorentz force and the magnetic flux rule are treated similarly, linking
more » ... arly, linking electrical and magnetic phenomena and improving the integrity and self-consistency of the course. The status of Faraday's integral law is discussed and is shown to be of limited validity in this context.
doi:10.1119/1.18623 fatcat:zn5rafd2szbl7b4beaqodssteu