Study on Reducing Implementation Complexity of SRR Scheduler(APCIM2012 Best Papers)

Ick-Sung CHOI, Gwang-Hoon KWARK, Youg-Ho KIM, Jae-Hoon SUL, Hyung-Rim CHOI, Jae-Woo YANG, Dae-Seong KANG
2014 Nihon Joho Keiei Gakkaishi  
77iis paperptvposes two techniquesfor reducing inzplementation eon471exity ofSRR (Smoothed Round Robird scheduling aigorithm, 711ie SRR scheduiing aigorithmforms a WM (PP12ight MtitriV by eoding the weights of the,fows into binafy vectors and then schedules packets by scanning the PVZiight Mketrix by using PXSS (bVleight spread Seeuencel, PXSS is a speciatly designedsequence that evenly distributes the ouiput trclt7ic qf'eaeh]7ova Hbwever area complexityfor storing PVfss is O(k*2V, where k is
more » ... (k*2V, where k is the encoded bit wicith ofvveights. PPkeproposed a PVss generation technigue with anea eomplexity ofOav. lt generates wsS by simply in-oitler dothVinst traversing qfa groph with k nocles. PVle also prqpose an E!17icient comparator schemefor.f2bw controt between queues. 71Jie proposed aigorithm was modeled and impiemented in LfiVLC\ using C language. Ehrperimental results show that theppvposed technique is qtfective to rechice the anea complexity qf' wsS generation.
doi:10.20627/jsim.34.3_64 fatcat:t5xyzcs43jbqdefb5smvmg2bgi