Multitud y poder una aproximación naturalista en el Tratado político de Spinoza

José Pedro Pizarro Suescum
2018 Co-herencia: Revista de Humanidades  
I. Human beings must be conceived, as any other individual things, within the common order of nature. This naturalism allows to understand that power and right are in perfect agreement. So there´s no neccesity of appealling to any contractual point of view in order to explain the genesis of State. The power of individual things are in agreement with the relations that those ones are capable and, therefore the State is, by definition, the power of people, id est, an individual thing capable of
more » ... thing capable of making up and operative unit. III. As soon as any human order is an emotion order, it is understood that rights won´t keep without the common sentiment of human beings. Consequently, any State must always regenerating its stuctures by means of cooperation and mutual assistance between human beings.
doi:10.17230/co-herencia.15.28.9 fatcat:ubhdobktkzafdeu3o6cpqlrqiq