Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with growth traits in Jinghai yellow chickens

M.A. Abdalhag, T. Zhang, Q.C. Fan, X.Q. Zhang, G.X. Zhang, J.Y. Wang, Y. Wei, Y.J. Wang
2015 Genetics and Molecular Research  
Body weight is one of the most important economic traits in the poultry industry. In the present study, a custom SNP Beadchip was used to analyze the association between those 15 SNPs and 12 growth traits of Jinghai yellow chickens, and other important genetic parameters were also calculated and analyzed. The results indicated that nine of the 15 SNPs were associated with growth traits in Jinghai yellow chickens (P < 0.05), and the identified SNPs were also in linkage disequilibrium. Five of
more » ... librium. Five of the nine identified SNPs were mainly associated with all of the growth traits, which indicated that those five SNPs might have significant influence on Jinghai yellow chicken growth traits. Polymorphism information content (PIC) analyses indicated that five of the nine SNPs exhibited moderate polymorphism (0.25 < PIC < 0.5), which reflected intermediate genetic diversity. Six candidate genes surrounding the significant SNPs were obtained and subjected to Gene Ontology annotation analyses and pathway analyses. The functions of six important candidate genes (SETDB2, ATP7B, INTS6, KPNA3, DLEU7, and FOXO1A) were discussed. The present study provided basic data for 16170 M.A. Abdalhag et al.
doi:10.4238/2015.december.8.6 pmid:26662409 fatcat:vpafd3oyxfda5dv766spkqbasq