Evaluation of the Correlation between Functional Positions of Hydrophilic Group and Porphyrin Accumulation in Cancer Cells

Toshifumi TOJO, Kakeru KURAHASHI, Takeshi KONDO, Makoto YUASA
2022 Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material  
Porphyrin, which forms the basic skeleton of important colour materials (hem, chlorophyll,etc.) shows the ability to accumulate in vivo in cancer cells. While the discovery of new functional molecules for application of photodynamic therapy and drug delivery systems has been actively researched, the effect of functional porphyrin positions has not been investigated. In this study, we evaluated the accumulation in cancer cells of porphyrin containing a hydrophilic functional group (polyethylene
more » ... lycol), and found that the hydrophilicity of the functional group and its position in porphyrin affected the accumulation.
doi:10.4011/shikizai.95.181 fatcat:pgmidzss6jdejd4fcq3tzfie2a