Great Chain of Agents: The Role of Metaphorical Representation of Agents in Conversational Crowdsourcing

Ji-Youn Jung, Sihang Qiu, Alessandro Bozzon, Ujwal Gadiraju
2022 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems  
Conversational agents are being widely adopted across several domains to serve a variety of purposes ranging from providing intelligent assistance to companionship. Recent literature has shown that users develop intuitive folk theories and a metaphorical understanding of conversational agents (CAs) due to the lack of a mental model of the agents. However, investigation of metaphorical agent representation in the HCI community has mainly focused on the human level, despite non-human metaphors
more » ... agents being prevalent in the real world. We adopted Lakoff and Turner's 'Great Chain of Being' framework to systematically investigate the impact of using non-human metaphors to represent conversational agents on worker engagement in crowdsourcing marketplaces. We designed a text-based conversational agent that assists crowd workers in task execution. Through a between-subjects experimental study (N = 341), we explored how different human and non-human metaphors affect worker engagement, the perceived cognitive load of workers, intrinsic motivation, and their trust in the agents. Our findings bridge the gap of how users experience CAs with nonhuman metaphors in the context of conversational crowdsourcing.
doi:10.1145/3491102.3517653 fatcat:p2eqmhhxsjf7zb6og3n2rqiywm