Wiretap Channel with Rate-Limited Channel State Information

Xinxing Yin, Liang Pang, Zhi Xue
2015 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
We revisit a channel coding problem where the channel state information (CSI) is rate-limited (or coded) and available to the channel encoder. A wiretapper is added into this model, and the confidential message is intended only for the legal receiver and should be kept from being eavesdropped by the wiretapper. Equivocation analysis is provided to evaluate the level of information leakage to the wiretapper. We characterize an achievable rate-equivocation region as well as an outer bound for
more » ... outer bound for this security model. To achieve the rate-equivocation triples, we propose an efficient coding scheme, in which the coded CSI serves as the CSI for the channel encoder, based onGel'fand and Pinsker's codingandWyner's random coding. Furthermore, an example of Gaussian wiretap channel with rate-limited CSI is presented, of which a lower bound on the secrecy capacity is obtained. By simulation, we find there exists an optimal rate of the coded CSI at which the biggest secrecy transmission rate of the Gaussian case is achieved.
doi:10.1155/2015/643265 fatcat:inw7d5ar7ndgbbvenfsc2cqake