Neuroplasticidad asociada a miembro fantasma

R. de la Puerta Huertas
2014 Revista de la Sociedad Española del Dolor  
De la Puerta Huertas R. Neuroplasticidad asociada a miembro fantasma. Rev Soc Esp Dolor 2014; 21(6): 345-350. ABSTRACT In recent decades, the concept of neuroplasticity has taken clear relevance associated with the patient's health and learning and behavior in the healthy individual. This ability of the nervous system involves assimilation, reorganization and modification of our biological mechanism, biochemical and physiological. With the advent of new scientific technologies that have
more » ... in recent years, we respond and maintain this concept of plasticity of the nervous system as a basic premise of being susceptible to external changes and dynamic. The phantom limb experience exposes permanently, the existence of an underlying mental body map and modifies the experience with our body, whose nervous system has the ability of cortical reorganization by sensory stimulation, sensory, endocrine and motor. The relationship between phantom and neuroplasticity is complex, difficult to investigate despite scientific breakthroughs, yet is dynamic, and that this capacity meets the needs of human health at different stages of his life.
doi:10.4321/s1134-80462014000600008 fatcat:jinb7vjzpfdf5ovxyk2p4drrci