Recent Literature The Latin Grammar of Pharmacy and Medicine . By D. H. Robinson, Ph.D., with an Introduction by L. E. Sayre, Ph.M. Fourth edition, with elaborate Vocabularies, thoroughly revised by Hannah Oliver, A.M. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co. 1903

1903 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
twitching. Later, involvement of whole right side. Death in convulsions. Autopsy : -Lesions of general paralysis with much greater involvement of left side; the left hemisphere weighed 112 gm. less than the right. Case 2. Complained of headache, stupid feeling and inability to express himself; at times irritable. A year later, apoplcctiform attack. Following this, persistent paraphasia with difficulty to understand written and spoken language. Appreciation of defect. Hemianopsia.
more » ... sia. Argyll-Robertson pupil on the right side. General euphoria and irritability. Death in convulsions. Autopsy revealed the usual lesions of general paralysis with more pronounced changes in the left hemisphere, which weighed 120 gm. less than the right. The last two papers were discussed together. Dr. Bullard asked Dr. Meyer whether he had found astereognosis or not. He said it was unusual to find cercbellar trouble in such cases in which the hemisphere of the opposite side is affected. In the reports of autopsies of feeble-
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