Recovery Pattern of the Nutritional Status after Surgical Treatment for Pancreatic Head Disease: Compared with Malignancy and Non-malignancy

Eunjung Kim, Youngmin Han, Hongbeom Kim, Wooil Kwon, Sun-Whe Kim, Jin-Young Jang
2018 Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition  
Purpose: Malnutrition affects the clinical outcomes of pancreatic disease. On the other hand, the changes in the nutritional status stratified by malignant and non-malignant diseases after surgery still need to be determined. The aim was to confirm the changing nutritional status and clinical outcomes after a pancreatoduodenectomy according to malignant and non-malignant disease. Materials and Methods: Data were collected prospectively from 157 patients between 2009 and 2015. The nutritional
more » ... The nutritional status was classified as well-nourished, at-risk of malnutrition, and malnourished by a Mini Nutrition Assessment. The clinical outcomes were assessed using the postoperative complication, hospital stay, biochemical nutritional markers, and quality-of-life (QOL). Results: Preoperatively, the proportion of malnourished status in the malignant disease group (group B) were 66.7% and 33.3% in the non-malignancy group (group A). The malnutrition rate in group B was higher than that in group A at 3, 6, and 12 months after surgery (58.1% vs. 41.9%, 90.0% vs. 10.0, 77.8% vs. 22.2%, respectively). The preoperative QOL was significantly lower in group B than in group A (P<.001); however, the QOL was comparable between the two groups after surgery. The body mass index was unrecovered after surgery in all groups. Conclusion: Patients with malignant pancreatic disease are more likely to suffer from a poor nutritional status than those with non-malignant pancreatic disease. One year after the pancreatoduodenctomy, the at-risk of malnutrition and malnourished rate were found to be over 70% in all patients. Therefore, more efforts will be needed to improve the nutritional status in pancreatic head disease. (Surg Metab Nutr 2018;9:51-58)
doi:10.18858/smn.2018.9.2.51 fatcat:f7772l4p6jf7dozfowrs3oo7bq