Wawan Eko Yulianto
2018 Atavisme  
This study aims to explain the reservations about the popular TV series Adit Sopo Jarwo, whose plots are considered simplistic. Specifically, the questions raised here are: 1) how does didacticism manifest in Adit Sopo Jarwo and 2) what serves as the background forsuch didacticism. I reviewed the theory of didacticism in children's literature and theories related to the phenomena of post-secularism and post-islamism. The object of this study includesten episodes of Adit Sopo Jarwo. The objects
more » ... Jarwo. The objects were analyzed in two stages. In the first stage, I analyzed the themes of the objects of study. Then, the pattern obtained from the first stage was discussed with regards to the social and historical backgrounds of the objects. The study resulted in the discovery of the monolithic tendency in the didactic pattern of Adit Sopo Jarwo, which in this case manifests in the presence of Haji Udin as the dominant source of wisdom. It can be interpreted here that Islam is the dominant source of wisdom despite the fact that the characters are diverse in terms of religion. With regards to the social background, this monolithic tendency can be interpreted further as being in line with the phenomena of post-islamism, especially with the notion of exclusivist but tolerant Islam, in which there is an exclusivist tendency in terms of theology but sociologically tolerant.
doi:10.24257/atavisme.v21i2.495.180-193 fatcat:jfkcxem44vgklexz4nv3cm6w44