The Effect of Structural Change on the International Trade of a Sample of Selected Developing Countries for the Period (1985 – 2008)

Samer Behnam, Dr. Saad Al-kawaz
The process of structural change is necessary to achieve economic growth and development, so it has an impact on the international trade. The research problem is summarized in the economies of developing countries that suffer from structural instabilities in the economic structure. Thus, the income is being resulted from the fact that the single side or a single commodity, as opposed to the industrially developed countries which are industries where the productivity ratio is high of GDP. The
more » ... high of GDP. The importance of research comes by the fact that the process of structural change is necessary to achieve economic growth and development. It aims to identify the structural change and its impact on the international trade of the developing countries, selected by using a quantitative method to determine the influence, and research based on the a hypothesis that the structural change has an impact on the structure of international trade and the output of a sample of selected developing countries has also used time series for the period (1985 -2008) in order to clarify the impact of structural on the international trade. a group of developing countries has been selected namely (China, Thailand, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan). They were adopted by way of descriptive and quantitative analysis through collecting data and information from formal sources, a World Bank statistics International Trade and the Unified Arab Economic Report, and Internet sites to find a set of conclusions and proposals.
doi:10.33899/tanra.2010.161843 fatcat:2phoq45gs5d75cwswgmvlqho2e