Utilization of digital photogrammetry in forestry mapping

S. Žíhlavník, F. Chudý, M. Kardoš
2008 Journal of Forest Science  
At present, photogrammetric interpretation of aerial images is a dominant method of forestry mapping. In the last years, transition from analogue to digital photogrammetry has been distinct. Digital photogrammetry enables to achieve workflow effectivity, and so to decrease the final product costs. The objective of the submitted paper was to evaluate the availability of digital photogrammetry for the forestry mapping rationalization. Digital aerotriangulation using the ImageStation SSK system
more » ... ation SSK system brings more accurate results without requirements for the use of a larger amount of control points. The results also demonstrated the use of colour infrared aerial images, and also black and white aerial images at the scale 1:15,000 for the orthoimage creation in the forestry mapping department. Compared with the black and white aerial images, the colour infrared images have an essentially more interesting content, mainly from the qualitative aspect, which shifts them to use in many forestry disciplines (mostly for determination of the health conditions of forests stands, …), in combination with the remote sensing of the Earth and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
doi:10.17221/2176-jfs fatcat:7qcwwvx5bzfl3npbzai2bfzybe