Rapid prediction of damage on a struck ship accounting for side impact scenario models

Aditya Rio Prabowo, Dong Myung Bae, Jung Min Sohn, Ahmad Fauzan Zakki, Bo Cao
2017 Open Engineering  
AbstractThe impact phenomenon is inseparable part of every physical things, from substantial particle until macrostructure namely ship. In ship collisions, short-period load is distributed during impact process from striking ship into struck ship. The kinetic energy that is used to move striking ship is absorbed by struck ship that makes its structure undergoes plastic deformation and failure. This paper presents study that focuses on predicting occurred damage on side hull of struck ship for
more » ... f struck ship for various impact scenario models. These scenarios are calculated by finite element approach to obtain characteristic on damage, energy as well as load during and after impact processes. The results indicate that the damages on impact to longitudinal components such as main and car decks are smaller than impact to transverse structure components. The damage and deformation are widely distributed to almost side structures including inner structure. The width between outer and inner shells is very affecting the damage mode where the width below the two meters will make inner shell experience damage beyond plastic deformation. The contribution of structure components is proofed deliver significant effect to damage mode and material strengths clearly affect the results in energy and load characteristic.
doi:10.1515/eng-2017-0014 fatcat:xjs4q5mv6zh57ooprt7emcwsjq