Maximum current estimation in CMOS circuits

H. Kriplani, F. Najm, I. Hajj
[1992] Proceedings 29th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference  
Excessive power supply and ground currents in integrated circuits can severely a ect circuit reliability and performance. Some of the problems arising from excessive current ow are : 1 excessive voltage drop glitches on the power ground lines, which can lead to soft errors, and 2 large instantaneous power dissipation, which causes overheating and ultimately leads to performance d e gradation. Maximum current estimates are, therefore, needed i n the supply lines in order to determine the
more » ... termine the severity of these problems. These currents, however, depend on the speci c input patterns that are applied to the circuit. Most previous work in this area has focused o n search techniques that attempt to locate the worst case current by searching for the corresponding worst case input patterns. However, since the input space is huge, search-based algorithm for this problem can take an exponential amount of time, in the worst case. In this paper, we propose a pattern-independent, linear-time algorithm that estimates an upper bound for the Maximum Envelope Current MEC waveform. The MEC waveform is a point-wise maximum on all the possible waveforms that the circuit can draw. Experimental results on several benchmark circuits are p r ovided t o establish the usefulness of this approach.
doi:10.1109/dac.1992.227873 fatcat:nrvz5ar5p5ds3jb6rqkxhsakdi