Embedding atomic cobalt into graphene lattices to active room-temperature ferromagnetism [post]

Wei Hu, Chao Wang, Hao Tan, Hengli Duan, Guinan Li, Na Li, Qianqian Ji, Ying Lu, Yao Wang, Zhihu Sun, Fengchun Hu, Wensheng Yan
2020 unpublished
Graphene is extremely promising for next-generation spintronics applications; however, realizing graphene-based room-temperature magnets remains a great challenge. Here, for the first time, we demonstrate that robust room-temperature ferromagnetism with TC up to ~400 K and saturation magnetization of 0.11 emu/g (300 K) can be achieved in graphene by embedding isolated Co atoms with the aid of coordinated N atoms. Extensive structural characterizations show that square-planar Co-N4 moieties were
more » ... Co-N4 moieties were formed in the graphene lattices, where atomically dispersed Co atoms provide local magnetic moments. Detailed electronic structure calculations reveal that the d-p orbital hybridization between the embedded Co and matrix N/C atoms generates spin polarization for the delocalized N/C 2pz electrons and consequently enhances the long-range coupling through Stoner ferromagnetism. This work provides an effective means to induce room-temperature ferromagnetism in graphene and may open the possibilities for developing graphene-based spintronics devices.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-45823/v1 fatcat:oliqqnlv6bdydo2nxdkbuvd4x4