Алгоритм визначення електромагнітної сумісності для рішення задач частотного планування

I. P. Parkhomey, V. V. Nedoluzhko
2019 Adaptivni Sistemi Avtomatičnogo Upravlinnâ  
The intensive development of the telecommunications sector is directly connected with the introduction of the latest radio technologies and communication systems, the emergence of new services and communications. In these conditions, the provision of the requirements for the radio frequency resource of all categories of users is carried out at the expense of redistribution of already mastered and further development of new frequency ranges. Redistribution of frequencies, in turn, leads to an
more » ... urn, leads to an increase in supply on already developed ranges, which is due to the growth of the number of existing radio electronic devices, and to the complication of electromagnetic environment. The development of new ranges dictates the need to allocate radio frequency bands for the latest radio technologies, systems and communication standards. In these conditions, the task of controlling the PCR and ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic devices and emitters are of great practical importance. These tasks can be solved only with the implementation of the appropriate scientific and methodical apparatus of radio monitoring, the application of which would enable the efficient use of radio frequency resource in modern conditions. Therefore, the topic of the thesis is relevant. The paper presents the reasons for the occurrence of interference in the work of radio electronic devices in a complicated electronic environment, examines the modern scientific and methodical apparatus of radio monitoring with the definition of the electromagnetic environment at this location for the solution of frequency scheduling of RES.
doi:10.20535/1560-8956.1.2019.178230 fatcat:g6u2axb7a5e5dezirrofl6lhdu