Chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Results Of Carpal Tunnel Release

2007 JLUMHS  
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the commonest entrapment neuropathy for which several conservative and surgical treatment options are available. In majority of cases the cause of CTS is unknown (idiopathic CTS), however, there are numerous medical conditions associated with CTS. Surgery for CTS is one of the most often performed procedures. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical outcome of surgical treatment of chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. METHODS:
more » ... ome. METHODS: Thirty patients with chronic CTS were selected for open carpal tunnel release. Twenty patients had bilateral disease. Thirty hands had thenar muscle atrophy. Fifty hands of thirty patients were operated from May 1997 to December 2002. RESULTS: Sensation improved within three months in all patients. Nocturnal pain disappeared within first week after surgery. Grip strength improved gradually even up to two years after surgery. All of thirty hands with thenar muscle atrophy showed symptomatic relief, but recovery of the wasted muscle in term of regaining bulk was very slow in most of cases. Only ten hands showed complete recovery of bulk of thenar muscles in three years time. CONCLUSION: Surgery is an excellent treatment option in chronic CTS in terms of symptomatic relief.Wasted thenar muscles recover slowly in fraction of cases.
doi:10.22442/jlumhs.07610109 fatcat:vlodwgqzmrduhhc6vvi6i6nh4a