The computational landscape of permutation patterns [article]

Marie-Louise Bruner, Martin Lackner
2014 arXiv   pre-print
In the last years, different types of patterns in permutations have been studied: vincular, bivincular and mesh patterns, just to name a few. Every type of permutation pattern naturally defines a corresponding computational problem: Given a pattern P and a permutation T (the text), is P contained in T? In this paper we draw a map of the computational landscape of permutation pattern matching with different types of patterns. We provide a classical complexity analysis and investigate the impact
more » ... f the pattern length on the computational hardness. Furthermore, we highlight several directions in which the study of computational aspects of permutation patterns could evolve.
arXiv:1301.0340v2 fatcat:of4huwt4dna2vd2gusyvpxpm5e