A Study on the Functional Area Composition and Correlation Factors of Elderly Care Floor in Nursing Home
노인요양시설 요양층의 기능별 면적구성과 상관요인에 관한 연구

So-Hee Yoon, Suk-Tae Kim
2015 Korean Institute of Interior Design Journal  
Nursi ng Homes do not have a defi ned standard i n the space area nor does i t have a detai l ed standard faci l i ty requi rement by l aw. Thi s can possi bl y l ead to the deteri orati on of the faci l i ty and the system. Thi s di rectl y affects the medi cal treatment space area wi thi n the nursi ng home. The medi cal treatment area provi des medi cal treatment to seni ors and thi s i s where the seni ors get most of thei r dai l y servi ces. Therefore, thi s i s research i s about the
more » ... h i s about the study of the space area of the medi cal center and the rati o trend of the space area for the medi cal treatment faci l i ty l ocated i n seni or nursi ng homes. Ten faci l i ti es have been sel ected i n thi s study to anal yze the correl ati on factors between space area and i ts trends. The anal ysi s performed i ncl udes the condi ti ons rel ati ng to the area and what affects the center. We have fol l owed up wi th a proposal for i mprovement of the faci l i ty and area confi gurati on for the medi cal treatment faci l i ty. Based on the anal ysi s, the fol l owi ng concl usi on can be made: Fi rst, the seni or wel fare centers are mostl y used as a resi dence purpose fol l owed a temporary stay of resi dence faci l i ty for the seni ors. Second, research i ndi cates that the bi gger the faci l i ty, nursi ng and publ i c functi ons took a l arger porti on of the space area compared to other servi ces wi thi n the seni or wel fare centers. Thi rd, the study shows the management space area took up about 1%~6% of the enti re medi cal center wi thi n the nursi ng home whi ch i s a narrow space area because of the i ntegrated management. Fourth, anal ysi s based on the trend i n the ti me-seri es i ndi cate after the adopti on of the system, there i s a conti nued decl i ne i n the space area of nursi ng, management and publ i c areas. Lastl y, si nce before and after 2008, the space area composi ti on of the nursi ng faci l i ty shows a conti nuous decl i ne i n our study. We can safel y concl ude that the revi sed seni or wel fare act's constructi on pl an has an effect i n the faci l i ty and i s effecti vel y worki ng to meet i ts requi rement. Therefore, the revi si on of the l aw i s requi red to refl ect the soci al needs of the resi dents.
doi:10.14774/jkiid.2015.24.3.156 fatcat:lyfedsitijab7imrzn4n6rkck4