Applications of simulation codes based on Monte Carlo method for Radiotherapy [chapter]

Iury Mergen Knoll, Ana Quevedo, Mirko Salomón Alva Sánchez
2022 The Monte Carlo Methods - Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications [Working Title]  
Monte Carlo simulations have been applied to determine and study different parameters that are challenged in experimental measurements, due to its capability in simulating the radiation transport with a probability distribution to interact with electrosferic electrons and some cases with the nucleus from an arbitrary material, which such particle track or history can carry out physical quantities providing data from a studied or investigating quantities. For this reason, simulation codes, based
more » ... on Monte Carlo, have been proposed. The codes currently available are MNCP, EGSnrc, Geant, FLUKA, PENELOPE, as well as GAMOS and TOPAS. These simulation codes have become a tool for dose and dose distributions, essentially, but also for other applications such as design clinical, tool for commissioning of an accelerator linear, shielding, radiation protection, some radiobiologic aspect, treatment planning systems, prediction of data from results of simulation scenarios. In this chapter will be present some applications for radiotherapy procedures with use, specifically, megavoltage x-rays and electrons beams, in scenarios with homogeneous and anatomical phantoms for determining dose, dose distribution, as well dosimetric parameters through the PENELOPE and TOPAS code.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.101323 fatcat:qoeq5jg2ivaeddxxgbc3j2naui