Glycosaminoglycan in liver and spleen of casein-induced experimental amyloidosis of mice

H Shigeno, M Ohashi, H Iwata
1985 Nagoya journal of medical science  
Hcpatic a nd splenic amyloidosis was experimentally induced by casein injections in BA LB; C mice and examincd biochemically for glycosaminoglycan constituents. Heparan sulfate and dermatan sulfate were shown to be major components by clectrophoresis on cellulose acetate membrane. It was demonstrated from the studies of DEAE-eellulose ion-exchanging chromatography that the amount of highly sulfated derma tan sulfate was increased in amyloid-laden liver and that the amount of highly sulfated
more » ... highly sulfated chondroitin sulfate isomer was also increased in amyloid laden spleen. N-Acetyl-D-galactosamine 4-6 disulfate. L-Iduronic acid (chondroitin sulfate G or H) was shown to be increased in amyloid laden-liver by unsaturated disaccharide study with ehondroitinase and chondrosulfatase digestion. These changes of glycosaminoglycan constituents may play an important role in the formation of amyloid.
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