New Literature

1907 The Biblical World  
This book is prepared from the point of view of the student of English literature. Hence the King James Version of the Bible is made the basis of study. The established results of moder biblical study are kept in mind and the canons of literary criticism are not made to run counter to those of historical criticism. The book has grown out of classroom work at Harvard, and constitutes an admirable manual for the use of students. SELLECK, W. C. The New Appreciation of the Bible: A Study of the
more » ... A Study of the Spiritual Outcome of Biblical Criticism. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, I907. Pp. xiii+409. $I.50. This book attempts to furnish an answer to the doubts of the many people who look upon the methods and results of modern biblical criticism with fear and trembling. The author is deeply convinced of the legitimacy of the new methods and unhesitatingly declares that the new view is far more vital than the old. The first half of the book is devoted to an explanation of the nature and significance of biblical criticism; the second half shows how the Bible gains in value for practical, everyday religion when interpreted in the new light. DRIVER. S. R. The Book of the Prophet
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