A proposal of a simple sampling method for alluvial clay in foundation designing for small-scale buildings

Yasuaki KIKUCHI, Tetsuro ISHIDA
2019 Japanese Geotechnical Journal  
In a geotechnical investigation for detached houses, preliminary surveys and the Sweden weight sounding test are commonly used. When a consolidation subsidence is considered, it is generally preferable to perform a consolidation test using samples by a method for obtaining soil samples using stationary piston sampler. However, it is rare to carry out for economic reasons. Therefore we aimed for it becoming general in conducting the design work by obtaining the necessary soil test result from
more » ... test result from the good quality soil samples by the proposed simple sampling method. In this paper, we compared the soil test results using samples by three types of sampling method at several sites, and examined the usefulness from the quality evaluation. As a result, we revealed an economical and simple sampling method which can extract good quality samples with less disturbance than the fixed type.
doi:10.3208/jgs.14.17 fatcat:growabrmufeandzmaqboo6vyve