Can Canna Indica Use as a Phytoremediation Agent in Mitigating High Pollution Concentrations in Reverse Osmosis Concentrate?

2016 International Journal of Advances in Agricultural & Environmental Engineering  
Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants are becoming most popular method of supplying potable water for chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology affected areas in Sri Lanka. However, it releases large amount of wastewater (RO concentrate) to the environment without any beneficial use. Phytoremediation is a successful way of mitigating pollutant concentrations in contaminated soils and water by degradation, metabolism or accumulation of pollutants by plants. Canna indica (cannas) is an ornamental plant
more » ... ornamental plant which can be used as a phytoremediation agent. A study was carried out in Kebithigollawa Central College in Anuradhapura district to determine the effect of RO concentrate on soil properties and plant growth of cannas. Further it was aimed to study the effectiveness of cannas as an agent for phytoremediation. Effect of RO concentrate on soil properties and plant growth were compared with groundwater. Effectiveness of phytoremediation of cannas was tested by comparing with the bare soil. Water quality of RO concentrate and groundwater were also measured. According to the results, RO concentrate is safer for irrigation, based on sodium percentage and sodium absorption ratio, and it is doubtful when considering the electrical conductivity. Plant growth parameters showed that there was a significant reduction of growth of cannas with RO concentrate compared to groundwater. Soil analysis revealed that cannas plants are effective in remediating of potassium, calcium, available nitrogen and electrical conductivity reduction while ineffective in magnesium, sodium, available phosphorus and pH reduction. This study concluded that cannas can be used as a phytoremediation agent to mitigate the higher pollution concentrations of RO concentrate. Although it has some growth penalty compared to the groundwater, cannas can be grown with RO concentrate with dual benefits as phytoremediation of pollutants while generating income.
doi:10.15242/ijaaee.er0116025 fatcat:c77t2zrp3fh7jh5fq2okuhdv7a