Bases and Manifestations of the Christian Religiosity in Creation of the Relation of Man to the Landscape

J Szőllős
2007 Život. Prostr   unpublished
With regard to its close connection with the value orientation of man, his conception of the universe and general philosophy religiosity has great influence also on the creation of the relation to the surrounding landscape, his human environment. To certain degree it positively or negatively influences also the interaction of man as an individual or human society as a collective to his environment. In the continual process of creation this relation is on individual as well as collective level.
more » ... n the basis of old as well as new experiences man changes the landscape around himself, therefore his position in the landscape and relation to it is in permanent evolution and creation. On the other hand certain basic attributes of the relation of man and creation are given in the Christian theology and dogmatics. However their reinterpretation and application in the practice of the Christian religiosity or in other words in the everyday life of a Christian is important. We tried to draft the mentioned bases in defining the position of man in relation to creation (landscape) from the aspect of Christianity and point at some questions connected with their present interpretation and application into the everyday practice. RNDr. Ján Szőllős, CSc., Geografický ústav SAV, Šte-fánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava kazateľ zboru Bratskej jednoty baptistov, Zrínskeho 2, 811 03 Bratislava, Stredoveká rodinná Biblia otvorená na knihe Žalmov. Foto: I. Imro