Analysis Neotectonic Activities in Khafr Basin

Ahmad Ansari Lari, Maryam Ansari, Soraya Ansari
2016 Open Journal of Geology  
As Iran is located on one of the two earthquake-prone belts in the world, and existence of faults and earthquakes is normal in Iran tableland. The main reason of earthquake is Neotectonic movements which can be effective in other natural disasters such as range movements. Due to the severe shortage of historical and seismic data and device in different parts of the world, particularly Iran, need for introducing more researchers and planners of Iran to tectonics and active tectonic areas is more
more » ... tonic areas is more visible. This study is an investigation of Neotectonic activities in Khafr basin area, Fars province. To achieve the aims of this study morphometric parameters were used. Investigations showed that severity and role of tectonic activities in different parts of the basin is different, results of geomorphic and tectonic assessments indicate these differences. Stream lengthgradient index (SL) on the main stream is inactive and sub streams are semi active, the ratio of the basin (BS) is 2.27, drainage basin asymmetry index (AF) is in semi active class, the ratio of width to depth of Valley (VF) shows 0.78. Indicators mentioned are in class 3 based on Iat classification, that represents tectonic activity in the area is average. Other indicators are indicative of active tectonic in the basin such as drainage density index (D) with high density, river sinuosity (S) 1.25, reverse topography symmetry Factor (T) 0.3. Generally it can be considered as moderately active region in terms of tectonic activities.
doi:10.4236/ojg.2016.66040 fatcat:e675catox5hg5p2kcwxcflnvpa