Glosy o Velké válce

Robert Kvaček
2014 Historicka Sociologie  
The featured observations represent selected viewpoints of World War I, highlighting background events that led to the war. They present the situation in Austro-Hungary for whom the war was a tool to solve its political problems and further demonstrate how the war actually made the aforementioned country's relations with national groups more complicated. The observations also focus on the image of the war, distorted by propaganda, and the situation on both the front line and in the hinterland.
more » ... ast but not least they deal with the war from the Czech viewpoint, unique for many reasons including the fact that at this time the Czechs were escalating their attempts at creating their own state.
doi:10.14712/23363525.2014.4 fatcat:kdhpjebidravla7a5wnnwy3kpq