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SOTJL-This department of " The Lflnur" has been established In response to a renerally expressed desire for some convenient and open »"iMtT» of discussing fopios arising out of every-day 'work in libraries. Braryone is, therefore, cordially Invited to contribute statements of dlmoultlea and new discoveries, tn order that all may profit and be kept posted up in what is going on in the technical work of libraries. Questions of any kind referring to Buildings, Furniture and Fittings; Beports,
more » ... ings; Beports, Statistics, or Committee work: Staff and Publio Bules or Begulifflo* 1 *: AjOoeasion work; dassinoatlon; Oataloguing; Binding and Stationery; Charging; or any other practical matter, will be gladly welcomed. Queries and Hotes should De sent to the Bdltor not later than the 10th of eaoh month. NOTES. io. daaslflaation more than one occasion demands have been made for a handy outline of the lending schemes of classification, and as this has not been done in England, so far as we know, in a collected form, we propose to set out a few of the principal plans^ beginning with that of Bacon. The whole question of systematic classification is coming rapidly to the front, and assistants or librarians who are not conversant with many schemes will no doubt find the following skeletons useful for comparison :-SCHEME OF FRANCIS BACON, 1633
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