A Semianalytical Solution for In-Plane Vibration Analysis of Annular Panels with Arbitrary Distribution of Internal Point Constraints

Peng Lyu, Jingtao Du, Zhigang Liu
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In this paper, a semianalytical solution for the in-plane vibration analysis of annular panel with arbitrary distribution of internal point constraints is established for the first time. In-plane dynamic behavior of such panel structure is described via energy principle. A modified version of Fourier series is constructed for the in-plane vibration displacement expansion supplemented with the boundary smoothed terms, and the arbitrarily concentrated constraint in each field point is described
more » ... oint is described in conjunction with Dirac delta function. A standard matrix eigenvalue problem containing various in-plane modal information of such annular panel is derived and solved through Rayleigh–Ritz procedure. Several numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed model by comparing the results with those from other approaches. Three representative types of point constraints, including point, line, and area configurations, are considered by collection of point constraints, and it is shown that the current model can make an accurate and efficient modal parameter prediction for annular panel with such most general case of point constraints.
doi:10.1155/2020/7269809 fatcat:qobmaebqwzekvpjc7hbvdzwz2q