The necessity of radical hysterectomy (RH) for pure endometrial carcinoma combined with cervical involvement: a retrospective cohort study comparing RH with total hysterectomy (TH) [post]

Zhimin Qian, Guanhao Chen, Xin Wu, Hua Jiang
2020 unpublished
Objective : The purpose of this study was to explore the necessity of radical hysterectomy (RH) for patients with pure endometrial carcinoma(PEC) combined with cervical involvement by comparing with total hysterectomy (TH).Methods : A total of 162 patients who were diagnosed as PEC combined with cervical involvement of stage II and III by postoperative pathological examination between January, 2007 and December, 2017 were included in our study. Among of them, 91 were followed up till the end of
more » ... up till the end of this study and 71 were lost in the follow-up. In the 91 patients with complete follow-up information, 34 patients were treated with TH and 57 patients were treated with RH. The 5-year progression free survival rate, 5-year overall survival rate, recurrence rate and postoperative complications of patients were evaluated.Results : There were no significant differences in both the overall survival curve and progression free survival curve between patients with PEC receiving RH and those receiving TH (both p > 0.05). The analysis of postoperative complications showed that patients with RH treatment may have a higher probability of postoperative lymphocyst and urinary dysfunction.Conclusions : RH may not improve the prognosis of cervical involvement in patients with PEC. The postoperative complications of patients with PEC who treated with RH may increase.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:cq2i4hp37vbqrekznzdyccck2q