BioExcel Webinar #7 - PRODIGY, a web server to predict binding affinities in protein-protein complexes

Anna Vangone
2016 Zenodo  
PRODIGY (PROtein binDIng enerGY prediction) web server predicts of the binding affinities in protein-protein complexes. PRODIGY implements a simple but robust descriptor of binding affinity based only on structural properties of protein-protein complexes, that are introduced in Vangone & Bonvin, eLife (2015). Using the protein-protein binding affinity benchmark of Kastritis et al. 2011 we showed that the number of interfacial contacts (ICs) correlates with the experimental binding affinity.
more » ... nding affinity. This information, combined with properties of the non-interacting surface (NIS) which have been shown to influence binding affinity (Kastritis at el. (2014)), has led to one of the best performing predictor so far reported on such a large and heterogeneous set of data.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3822338 fatcat:acyvlsmtk5eiznv4bvjqjwa2fu