One More Accuracy k-Anonymity Framework for LBS

Fang Zheng, Xinguang Peng, Pingzhen Li
2019 Mobile Information Systems  
To achieve privacy protection in the k-anonymity algorithm, replacing the starting positions of k users with the center of the cloaked area results in the route from the starting position to the center of the cloaked area probably nonlinear, which will bring out the inconvenience for the user. This paper proposes a new anonymous server framework, on which we add the function of electronic map and navigation compared to the original one based on the framework of k-anonymity for LBS. In addition
more » ... r LBS. In addition to the original tasks including computing the center of cloaked area O and the actual query result ri corresponding to the query qi, the anonymous server with the new architecture will plan the actual path loi−O from the starting query location oi to the center of the cloaked area O and return the new result collection of ri,rO−si for the user ui. Moreover, this paper improves the algorithm of computing the route rO−si to make it more in line with the actual situation of road network operation. Finally, we prove the importance of the approach by the experiment demonstration.
doi:10.1155/2019/9297181 fatcat:ksnvoorb6zguvgnlqoceg4ykue