Pre-Clinical Investigation of Liquid Paclitaxel for Local Drug Delivery: A Pilot Study

Claire V. Cawthon, Kathryn Cooper, Clifton Huett, Alyssa Lloret, Estefanny Villar-Matamoros, Lauren Stokes, Uwe Christians, Michele Schuler, Saami K. Yazdani
2020 Pharmaceuticals  
The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate the feasibility of a perfusion catheter to deliver liquid paclitaxel into arterial segments. A clinically relevant rabbit ilio-femoral injury model was utilized to determine the impact of liquid paclitaxel delivered locally into the vessel wall using a perfusion catheter at 1 h to 14 days. Treatment by two clinically available forms of liquid paclitaxel, a solvent-based (sb) versus an albumin-bound (nab), along with a control (uncoated
more » ... (uncoated balloons), were investigated. Pharmacokinetic results demonstrated an increase in the retention of the sb-paclitaxel versus the nab-paclitaxel at 1 h; however, no other differences were observed at days one, three, and seven. Histological findings at 14 days showed significantly less neointimal area in the sb-paclitaxel treated arteries as compared with the nab-paclitaxel and the uncoated balloon-treated arteries. Additionally, percent area stenosis was significantly less in the sb-paclitaxel group. These results support the concept of local liquid delivery of paclitaxel into the arterial segments.
doi:10.3390/ph13120434 pmid:33260517 fatcat:hsfx4gb5pngqldjz2ieqqrp2dq