Joint Optimization of Multi-UAV Target Assignment and Path Planning based on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Han Qie, Dianxi Shi, Tianlong Shen, Xinhai Xu, Yuan Li, Liujing Wang
2019 IEEE Access  
One of the major research topics in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) collaborative control systems is the problem of multi-UAV target assignment and path planning (MUTAPP). It is a complicated optimization problem in which target assignment and path planning are solved separately. However, recalculation of the optimal results is too slow for real-time operations in dynamic environments because of the large number of calculations required. In this paper, we propose an artificial intelligence method
more » ... named simultaneous target assignment and path planning (STAPP) based on a multi-agent deep deterministic policy gradient (MADDPG) algorithm, which is a type of multi-agent reinforcement learning algorithm. In STAPP, the MUTAPP problem is first constructed as a multi-agent system. Then, the MADDPG framework is used to train the system to solve target assignment and path planning simultaneously according to a corresponding reward structure. The proposed system can deal with dynamic environments effectively as its execution only requires the locations of the UAVs, targets, and threat areas. Real-time performance can be guaranteed as the neural network used in the system is simple. In addition, we develop a technique to improve the training effect and use experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of our method. INDEX TERMS Multi-UAV, target assignment and path planning, multi-agent reinforcement learning, MADDPG, dynamic environments.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2943253 fatcat:42ep4d27avab5lcl2vmleimaaa