Conductivity Test for Plastic Fiber, and Comparison with other Insulating Materials

Ashish Sharma
2019 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Era of 21 century study of environment and pollution has become major concern in developing countries like India. Urbanisation and Industrialisation with huge population drag our attention towards practical problems like Waste Management, their scientific solution also to find possibilities to reuse and recycle them to save our resources and energy. With present knowledge and possible resources we have tried to find some of the optimal solution to Non-Biodegradable waste like plastic (specially
more » ... plastic (specially waste PET Bottles). Also we have find after use solution of products and article. Economical consideration, Social impact, Capacity building and Technical experiments are done during research work on this topic. The fiber used in test procedure below was mixture partially virgin and partially recycled. So its conductivity was obtained and compared with other available insulating materials with available data. Results were quite satisfactory, which shows that, recycled polyester fiber obtained from waste PET bottles and after their Reuse life can be used in industrial as well as domestic insulation and warm clothes like winter jacket. It can be predicted that 100% recycled fiber will exhibit better insulating properties, because structure of recycled fiber will be deteriorated during recycling process, it will show poor physical and thermal properties than virgin fiber. Poor thermal conductivity will give better insulating properties, which satisfies our aim of converting used PET bottles to fiber, and use them as insulating material. Also possibilities can be discovered to use them directly convert them to fiber thread to make clothes. Small plant can be setup near municipal cities, it will help rural economy to grow and small level employment generation.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2019.3005 fatcat:jyk4qrlvgfdpfjc3jfeapdaiby