The Determinants Of Renewable Energy Consumption: An Empirical Analysis For The Balkans

2016 European Scientific Journal  
As a measure of development, energy has a priority in economic literature. However, both economic and social costs caused by traditional energy sources have led to question on the importance of these resources. In addition to this, various problems such as pollution and dependence on foreign energy has brought about new researches instead of existing energy sources. Alternative and renewable energy sources, which are named as "clean energy", are expected to take the place of the old method.
more » ... the old method. However, there are many factors affecting the use of new energy sources. These factors include energy prices, energy production, energy dependence, economic growth, trade openness, and the use of carbon dioxide. Besides, development levels of countries have a significant influence on the degree of interaction between these factors. In the present study, firstly, renewable energy consumption and the determinants of this energy use were discussed in the theoretical context. Consequently, the required empirical tests were applied for Balkan countries -
doi:10.19044/esj.2016.v12n11p594 fatcat:zc5m5stmezbsziosqee6xufg7y