Analysis Effect of Cloud Cover, Wind Speed, and Water Temperature to BOD and DO Concentration Using QUAL2Kw Model (Case Study In Winongo River, Yogyakarta)

Nelly Marlina, Dirja Melyta, B. Kushari, M. Fauziah, J.A. Fajri, A. Wismadi, P.A.P. Agustiananda, A. Nurmiyanto
2019 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Winongo river is one of the rivers in the province of D.I. Yogyakarta that included in the category of contaminated. the research aims to learn on the effect variation of cloud cover, wind speed, and water temperature on BOD and DO concentrate in order to choose water quality management strategy at Winongo river. This research conducting a simulation with variating the cloud cover variables (0%, 69%, and 88%), wind velocity (0 m/second, 0,211 m/second and 1,22 m/second), and so the water
more » ... so the water temperature air (24,2°C, 28,14°C, and 30,6°C). The modeling result shows that cloud cover variables don't affect the DO-BOD concentrate at Winongo river (sig = 0). While the wind velocity variables only have a small effect on the changed of DO and BOD at Winongo river (sig > 0,05). And for water temperature variables had the significant effect on the concentration changed of DO (sig < 0,05) and have a small effect on the changed of BOD at Winongo river (sig > 0,05). The DO and BOD management strategy can be done by making of riparian buffer strips or planting vegetation on the riverbank Winongo, build a WWTP Communal in every district along the river Winongo
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201928005006 fatcat:mtk7i3vmyzdijldirgrydekfza