Periodic Solution for a Max-Type Fuzzy Difference Equation

Changyou Wang, Jiahui Li
2020 Journal of Mathematics  
The paper is concerned with the dynamics behavior of positive solutions for the following max-type fuzzy difference equation system: xn+1=maxA/xn, A/xn−1, xn−2, n=0,1,2,..., where xn is a sequence of positive fuzzy numbers, and the parameter A and the initial conditions x−2, x−1, x0 are also positive fuzzy numbers. Firstly, the fuzzy set theory is used to transform the fuzzy difference equation into the corresponding ordinary difference equations with parameters. Then, the expression for the
more » ... pression for the periodic solution of the max-type ordinary difference equations is obtained by the iteration, the inequality technique, and the mathematical induction. Moreover, we can obtain the expression for the periodic solution of the max-type fuzzy difference equation. In addition, the boundedness and persistence of solutions for the fuzzy difference equation is proved. Finally, the results of this paper are simulated and verified by using MATLAB 2016 software package.
doi:10.1155/2020/3094391 fatcat:7wtct4zuxradvkifm6ew5jrgxu