A Study on Integral System of Public Design in the Context of Local Identity - Focusing on the Landscape Plan and Color Plan of Chungbuk Metropolitan Area -
지역정체성 맥락의 공공디자인 통합체계 연구 - 충북광역도시권의 경관계획과 색채계획을 중심으로 -

Young-Min Song
2014 Korean Institute of Interior Design Journal  
This study puts its purpose on presenting an integral system of representative urban landscapes, public design and colors, in practicing urban design in the context of local identity. An integral design of public design that successfully plans and executes local identity, and changes recognition of integral management of urban design, is suggested as followings. Firstly, when the catchment area is divided in metropolitan area, it should be reset according to the natural environment condition
more » ... onment condition regardless of administrative area system like city and county. It is the method to classify the metropolitan area by researching and analyzing geographical condition, weather condition, soil and vegetation in detail and subclassify it by the visual commonness of natural environment. Secondly, it is necessary to access the urban landscape, public design and urban color from the overall aspect emphasizing the plan for each field and local identity. They should be practiced by the role and category of each field on the basis of consistent design strategy and instruction but the cooperation system is required as a process to reinforce and specify the mutual limit. Thirdly, the artificial structure is constructed through artificial adjustment depending on the urban formation process and the development time point. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the rapid urban development, the change speed and the landscape formation of each age. It is necessary to classify the type of artificial landscape by age and form similarity and separate the area that should be generalized and controlled by entire metropolitan area form the area that should be specialized by basic local government.
doi:10.14774/jkiid.2014.23.5.104 fatcat:jhz5rucdxja4zb43ydqittl52q