Erratum: A study of stress-tensor distribution around the flux tube in the Abelian–Higgs model

Ryosuke Yanagihara, Masakiyo Kitazawa
2020 Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics  
In the numerical analyses of the magnetic vortex with finite length, the boundary conditions are not properly imposed. In addition to Eqs. (4.7) and (4.8) in the original manuscript, the following condition has to be imposed [1-3]: Due to Eq. (1), the numerical results in Sect. 5.2 are slightly modified, although this does not affect the main conclusion of our manuscript. In Figs. 1, 2, and 3 below we show the revised results corresponding, respectively, to Figs. 5, 6, and 7 of the original
more » ... of the original manuscript. In the revised result with R = 0.46 fm, the value of T 00 (0) never agrees with the lattice result in Ref. [4] within the statistical error. In Fig. 3 , therefore, the data corresponding to T 00 (0) at R = 0.46 fm are not shown. The authors thank L. Oxman and M. Simões for pointing out these errors and for making a detailed crosscheck of the numerical results. Funding Open Access funding: SCOAP 3 . References [1] Y. Koma, M. Koma, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, T. Suzuki, and M. I. Polikarpov, Phys. Rev. D 68, 094018 (2003) [arXiv:hep-lat/0302006] [Search INSPIRE].
doi:10.1093/ptep/ptaa086 fatcat:c6uhi5hiuzcltcsxdofyjf6zie