The Effect of Temperature and Mo Content on the Lattice Misfit of Model Ni-Based Superalloys

Amy J. Goodfellow, Lewis R. Owen, Katerina A. Christofidou, Joe Kelleher, Mark C. Hardy, Howard J. Stone
2019 Metals  
The lattice parameters and misfit of the γ and γ′ phases in a series of model quaternary Ni-based superalloys with and without Mo additions have been determined using neutron diffraction between room temperature and 700 °C. Despite the fact that Mo is typically expected to partition almost exclusively to the γ phase and thereby increase the lattice parameter of that phase alone, the lattice parameters of both the γ and γ′ phases were observed to increase with Mo addition. Nevertheless, the
more » ... ertheless, the effect on the γ lattice parameter was more pronounced, leading to an overall decrease in the lattice misfit with increasing Mo content. Alloys with the lowest Mo content were found to be positively misfitting, whilst additions of 5 at.% Mo produced a negative lattice misfit. A general decrease in the lattice misfit with increasing temperature was also observed.
doi:10.3390/met9060700 fatcat:ospqd3v3mrfdnaxn3nrlrexjfm