Narrative Economy, Artistry, and the Literary Imagination [chapter]

Narrative Obtrusion in the Hebrew Bible  
This article advocates for an interpretation of biblical stories that takes into account their nature and the way in which they are told. The argument begins with observing the predicament of the biblical interpreter in using contemporary historical and/ or literary methods to interpret an ancient text expected to convey a theological message. It then offers a close reading of the Ark Narrative (1 Sam. 4:1b-7:1) which exemplifies how theological conclusions can be drawn on the basis of the
more » ... e basis of the story alone once its literary structure and dramatic development are identified. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Ovaj rad dostupan je za upotrebu pod licencom Creative Commons Imenovanje 4.0 međunarodna.
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