Scientific And Educational Technologies In Human Capital Formation

2020 Imastut'yun  
The article deals with a constructive role of socio-humanitarian and philosophical knowledge in the system of natural science structures. It is proved that the relevance of socio-humanities and philosophy is a response to the challenges of the modern technology-based civilization, where exact and natural sciences call for revival of a philosophic component in the education system and science. In the article, the main cause-and-effect relations that have resulted for modern societies in the
more » ... cieties in the demand for revival of philosophic and socio-humanitarian knowledge in science and education are revealed. A new paradigm for the development of philosophic and socio-humanitarian knowledge is presented. The authors present the implementation results of a new interdisciplinary dialogue in the system of socio-humanities and natural sciences within the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, where the Department of Social Studies has adapted and implemented a number of projects in this area. One of which is the School for Young Lecturers – project in the framework of practice-oriented education The article emphasizes that the return of social science to the higher education system and its role in science must be considered as a complex, multi-level process that should be studied and comprehended for its optimal implementation.
doi:10.24234/wisdom.v14i1.315 fatcat:ptbtwyjyszavrpcdkjpubfx3dm