Mechanism of Spatiotemporal Air Quality Response to Meteorological Parameters: A National-Scale Analysis in China

Zhi Qiao, Feng Wu, Xinliang Xu, Jin Yang, Luo Liu
2019 Sustainability  
The air quality over China exhibits seasonal and regional variation, resulting from heterogeneity in industrialization, and is highly affected by variability in meteorological conditions. We performed the first national-scale exploration of the relationship between the Air Pollution Index (API) and multiple meteorological parameters in China, using partial correlation and hierarchical cluster analyses. Relative humidity, wind speed, and temperature were the dominant factors influencing air
more » ... nfluencing air quality year-round, due to their significant effects on pollutant dispersion and/or transformation of pollutants. The response of the API to single or multiple meteorological factors varied among cities and seasons, and a regional clustering of response mechanisms was observed, particularly in winter. Clear north–south differentiation was detected in the mechanisms of API response to relative humidity and wind speed. These findings provide insight into the spatiotemporal variation in air quality sensitivity to meteorological conditions, which will be useful for implementing regional air pollution control strategies.
doi:10.3390/su11143957 fatcat:xgmhj6jhrnhb5d635dybgswz7q