Study on the Inheritance and Development of Folk Culture and Spirit in Woodcut New Year Paintings

Xing Zhou, Chun Chen
2017 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Mechanical Engineering (EMIM 2017)   unpublished
The art of woodcut New Year plantings is one of the outstanding representatives of folk art in our country. The expression and inheritance of folklore culture and spirit have attracted the attention of relevant researchers. This article elaborates connotation of the folk culture of Chinese woodcut New Year paintings, and then analyzes the psychological characteristics of customers group on the Chinese woodblock New Year paintings, and finally involves the spiritual expression of the Chinese
more » ... of the Chinese woodcut New Year paintings. The aim is to show the related characteristics of the folklore art in the folk culture and spiritual expression, providing reference for relative researchers. The continuous deepening of reform and opening up has brought deep impact to the ideas and cultural consciousness of contemporary nationals. A large number of traditional art forms, represented by woodcut New Year paintings, are facing the verge of loss. Although in the past ten years our country have taken a series of pilot projects to protect folk cultural heritage, but still failed to effectively reverse this historical trend. This paper tries to reveal the value and significance of the art of Chinese woodblock New Year from the perspective of the evolution of folk culture and spiritual inheritance. The Folk Culture Connotation of Chinese Woodcut New Year Paintings This paper analyzes the development history of traditional Chinese woodcut New Year paintings, which can be divided into four aspects based on the formation process of construction core of Chinese woodcut New Year paintings: by imprinting the contents of the statue to meet ① the folk psychology of prevention to bad man and protect family, which is based on meeting the grassroots people's traditional folk psychology, using the symbolic means to show utilitarian ideals. to pla ② y the role of decoration in festive, to create a good atmosphere of public activities, through the woodcut New Year paintings of art works, fully showing people's love and pursuit of life. to ③ treat the New Year paintings as the carrier, spreading the latest news and information. This type of content arrangements can meet the curious psychology on the novelty and the fresh news, enhancing the atmosphere of times in the performance content of New Year paintings. concerned about the daily life of ordinary ④ people, and maintain the interaction with current political development and the tide. This kind of content arrangement is the inheritance of the artistic expression in the history of art, showing the stable connection between the Chinese art and the social development and the political thought orientation. The history of the development of Chinese woodcut New Year paintings is a vivid describing the the influence of the development of the times on the artistic expression and the wish of the artist trying to influence the life of the people. Consumer Psychology Analysis of the Woodcut New Year Paintings First, the diversity of woodcut New Year paintings in the performance are closely related to the diversity of psychological needs of people. Ago, the small businessmen in streets sell the New Year paintings with a variety of characteristics, and often highly consistent with the people's living habits and aesthetic orientation, having a good sales demand. In the different regions, the people tend to This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC license (
doi:10.2991/emim-17.2017.385 fatcat:z7kmcxnpmbgohfkmvva5hfg4qu