An Assessment of the Accuracy of Volunteered Road Map Production in Western Kenya

Jan De Leeuw, Mohammed Said, Lapezoh Ortegah, Sonal Nagda, Yola Georgiadou, Mark DeBlois
2011 Remote Sensing  
The introduction of web based mapping facilities that use satellite imagery, offers local people the possibility to map their environment. However, maps need to be accurate, which is the reason why map making is assigned to professionals. In this paper, we investigated the classification accuracy of road infrastructure from high resolution satellite imagery of an urban area in western Kenya achieved by surveyors and non-surveyors alike, with and without local knowledge. Those with local
more » ... with local knowledge classified roads with over 92% accuracy on average, irrespective of surveying background. Professional surveyors and laymen without local knowledge achieved lower accuracies of 67.7% and 42.9% respectively. We argue that local knowledge is also likely to improve the classification accuracy of many other attributes featured in topographic maps and thus conclude that there is reason to consider engaging local expertise in the production and updating of topographic maps.
doi:10.3390/rs3020247 fatcat:5uazmd27gfbtljw55mlnljww3y